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A well-chosen Oriental rug can transform an ordinary room into a space with a strong, feel-good ambience. To make the right choice many factors are important, such as the size, the existing furniture, the environment and of course the price of the carpet.

The following tips may help you find the right carpet for your needs:

Proper size and placement:

A beautiful floor is like a frame and can highlight a carpet. Therefore, the carpet should not be chosen too large, so that it does not cover the entire floor. On the other hand, a very small rug in a large room may seem a little bit lost.

Measure your room exactly. Next, be sure about the maximum and minimum size, which the desired carpet should have.

If you are choosing a carpet for the dining area, make sure that the size of the carpet is large enough, so that the chairs do not constantly chafe at the edge of the carpet nor end up on the floor.

A carpet intended for the living room should have a minimum distance of 5 to 10 cm (2 to 4 inches) to the adjacent sofas.

To bring the colour and gloss of the Oriental rug to show, the carpet should be placed with the direction of the pile facing away from the source of light. There is a huge difference in a carpets appearance, depending on the direction of the viewer. If the perspective corresponds with the pile direction, the carpet appears to be brighter and shinier than from the opposite side.

The right design:
Your taste, the style and particularly the arrangement of your furniture in relation to the carpet plays an important role in finding the right carpet (for you).

In our store we offer everything, from modern to traditional Oriental rugs, to fit your décor.

If you choose a carpet with a distinct medallion in the center, make sure that, if possible, no furniture covers the carpet, as this may disrupt the symmetry of the carpet. That way the carpet cannot unfold its full beauty. For this kind of carpet a symmetrical arrangement of the furniture can be beneficial.

If several items cover the carpet or the furniture is arranged asymmetrically, a carpet without a distinct central medallion is to be recommended.

The correct color:

Searching for the right colour is another important challenge. We recommend that the carpet contains individual colours of the room. The remaining colours of the carpet should also harmonize with the colours of the room.

Right of withdrawal:

A carpet is a very durable item. Our goal is to be able to offer all our customers the right carpet tailored to their needs. Therefore you have 30 days instead of the usual 14 days for a return. If after a few weeks you should feel, that the carpet is not 100 percent to your liking, just send it back to us.

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